Commissions are currently closed!

terms of service

Please take your time to go through the terms below before you proceed.

Will DoWon't Do
Fan art  Machines/Mecha
Original characters  Hardcore NSFW
Suggestive themes  Furries (Kemonomimi is okay!)
Character Sheets (Ask me!)Backgrounds

fees & refunds

  • Payments are to be made after the rough sketch has been finalized. No further progress will be done and posted unless otherwise.

  • No refunds will be made once the commission is completed and finalized.

  • Any changes wished to be made after the commission has been completed and finalized will incur a fee.

  • There will be an additional 4.4%+$0.30 Paypal fee for regular commissions. This will be specified in the invoice.

image rights & usage

  • You may not use any commissioned pieces for commercial work. If you wish to do so, you have to inform me in advance as the cost will be different.

  • You may not claim any commissioned pieces as yours.

  • You don't need to ask for my permission if you want to post the finished piece on other sites (Toyhouse, etc.), but my signature must be retained.

I also reserve the right/s to...

  • the image, it's distribution, and use;

  • display commissioned pieces on any of my websites and portfolios;

  • refuse a commission if you don't follow any of my terms.

commission sheet

regular prices

Regular commissions are currently closed.

TypeBust/PortraitWaist UpFull BodyCharacter Sheet
Line Art$18$22$25
TypeBust/PortraitWaist UpFull BodyCharacter Sheet
Line Art₱900₱1100₱1250
  • Prices are in USD for international clients and PHP for local clients (Philippines).

  • Additional characters are priced at 50% base price per character.

  • Complexity fee applies to complex character/prop designs. I'll inform you if this is applicable to you.

  • For sketch commissions: There will be no complexity fee but designs will be slightly simplified.

  • ETD varies with complexity, response time, and other factors. If you have a deadline in mind, please inform me!

  • Cells marked with a [☆] means that the price varies, so please inquire with me first.

ko-fi sketch prices

Ko-fi commissions are currently closed.

TypeBust/PortraitWaist UpFull Body
Style A (Flats)2☕3☕4☕
Style B (Rendered)3☕4☕5☕
  • 1☕ = $3

  • Additional characters are priced at 2☕ per character.

payment method

  • I only accept payments in USD (international clients) and in PHP (local clients).

  • Payments are done via Paypal invoice, but clients within the Philippines can opt for GCash or Paymaya instead.


If you're interested, you can reach me through Discord (Naizou#8389), Twitter or Tumblr. For emails, please send them with the subject Commission Request - Y/N at (or use the mailto link below), where Y/N is how you'd like me to address you (Twitter handle, Tumblr username, real name, etc.).

  • Style | Rough sketch, line art, etc.

  • Character descriptions and background information | Short and concise ones are preferred.

  • Image references and/or character sheets | Images are needed, but character sheets are optional.

  • Pose references | Can be described, but images would be nice.

  • Your Paypal email | For payments (via invoice), unless you paid through Ko-fi. If you're from the Philippines and would like to use GCash/Paymaya instead, let me know!


Want more samples? Here's some commission and personal art I've done before.